Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement

More and more people are realising that it is essential to plan well for their retirement.

It’s not just thinking about what to do with your money when you retire but how to maximise what you will have when you begin your retirement. To achieve this goal requires quality advice in the years leading up to retirement, the more the better. Time is needed if various strategies are to be implemented to make the most of your earnings in the pre-retirement period. The longer you plan for retirement and employ professional assistance then the greater the chances that your goal of a happy and prosperous retirement can become a reality.

Giving yourself enough time to plan your retirement is imperative but doing it right is even more so. There are many complex considerations to be managed and it is our job to ensure that your retirement goals and objectives can be met.

A wealthier retirement

Our approach to retirement planning is precise, methodical and generally involves:

  • A thorough and detailed review of your current financial resources and commitments
  • Gaining a detailed understanding of your future lifestyle and financial goals and objectives as well as any foreseeable events that may affect your future plans
  • Financial modelling to forecast potential investment outcomes and income streams from various investment strategies
  • Assessment and enhancement of Aged Pension and Centrelink entitlements
  • A review and assessment of these findings to determine an effective way forward
  • Consolidating our recommendations into a single strategy document for your review and consideration.

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